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Kayla Hardie - Property Manager

P: 9740 5000
M: 0499 981 381
E: kayla@oneagencysunbury.com.au

I was in the finance industry for 7 years. I started off in payroll and accounts receivable and transitioned into a team leader position in the UK where I was responsible for creating journals, bank reconciliations and paying out multi-currency transactions for treasury.

Finance can be extremely challenging and often involves a lot of problem solving skills. It’s a fast paced environment (especially when it comes to month end). I loved being a part of the bank reconciliation process. I believe my planning and budgeting experience and exceptional problem solving skills will be an asset to my clients in real estate too. I’m excited to learn everything I can about real estate and I am looking forward to sharing this next part of my career journey with you all.

I have recently relocated back to Melbourne from London after a two year adventure. I have family who have lived in Sunbury for a long time and I am loving being part of this community again.

I pride myself in being outgoing and empathetic with the natural ability to easily connect with others and understand their needs. I am excited at the opportunity to work with rental providers and renters in any way possible to form great relationships as well as building on my own skills.

Outside of work I’m either spending time with the people I love, in the gym or planning DIY projects for my own home with my partner.