Where to buy

Where to buy

By Adrian Sacco | 26-05-16

Location, Location Location!

This is important when you are searching for a home, however there are several other factors that must be considered when you are looking in the market. All homes eventually get sold so it is important to keep in mind what may effect future resale.

A great neighbourhood will be in close proximity to schools and a shopping complex. As a buyer you may not have children yourself but remember; when you are selling your house buyers with families will pay good money for this location. Also, if you are close to the shops, distance in travel for work or leisure will be less in time and petrol.

When you purchase a home, make sure that it fits in with the rest of the neighbourhood. Do not buy a home that is so different in size and style for the area that it is out of place. You want a home that fits in with the look and feel of the neighbourhood. A home that doesn’t look or feel like it belongs will never realize the best appreciation or resale.