Considering a Property Make Over?

Considering a Property Make Over?

By Adrian Sacco | 27-05-16

As a vendor you may initially consider doing your own makeover and grapple with the idea of who to seek help from. You may have a strong network of family and friends to draw on including your agent.

The real value add is in introducing a Property Makeover Specialist who knows the techniques and standards required to add value and who has a team of professionals and services to allow the real transformation to take place. This does not mean the exercise needs to be costly either. The creativity and skill of the professional often allows them to work with limited resources to produce outstanding results.

Not knowing target market preferences can be another challenge when you are selling. The prevailing trends of real estate in the area drive buyer behaviour and the factors that entice people to buy a property is sometimes difficult to identify.

As a specialist agent in the local area, we can help identify these trends, but when it comes to the factors relating to the actual property, a makeover specialist holds the insights necessary to make such identification and they work together with us as an agent and you the vendor to ensure they get the best bang for your dollar.

An experienced makeover specialist will quiz the agent about their expected target market, then work accordingly to appeal to that target market. Engaging a specialist allows the agent, to focus on the more strategic work of marketing your property to ensure it stands out in a crowded marketplace and achieves an excellent result.